The art of picture framing – why the frame matters almost as much as the artwork

When you buy a beautiful piece of artwork, it’s crucial to make sure it is framed properly. You might think of frames as simply as an accessory to the artwork, but it should never be an afterthought – the right frame can enhance the piece in ways you never imagined.

At The Shed in Bath, Kellyann Designs specialises in expert framing, with owner Kelly Ann having almost 20 years’ experience in the industry. She believes that framing can make or break a piece of artwork when it’s hung or presented in your home. The wrong framing can distract from the piece, make it look shabby and can even damage the artwork.

The essentials of professional framing

Kelly Ann, who has been a Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framer for 19 years, makes all frames by hand on-site in her corner of The Shed in Bath. While you don’t necessarily need to always buy hand-made frames, although many people prefer to for the higher quality on offer, you do need:

• Specialty glazing to protect your work
• Conservation glass to filter out harmful UV rays from the sun – to ensure that the artwork’s original colours are protected from fading or deterioration
• Excellent quality, pH neutral mount and backing board

These aren’t things that most of us think about when buying a new piece of artwork, but they are essential to protect both the beauty of the work and your investment in it. All are offered at KellyAnn Designs, along with one other bespoke service to help your new piece of artwork fit perfectly in your home. The framing specialist uses a unique range of paint colours on her handmade frames, so you should be able to find something that matches perfectly with your interior décor – now that’s a bespoke service that you simply won’t find anywhere else!

Do you know where your food comes from?

There’s more of an emphasis nowadays on locally, ethically sourced food, as well as on fresh organic produce, but so many people still don’t think about where their food actually comes from. We all have a responsibility to support local food producers and make ethical decisions about the products we buy – but it can also be nice to know where our food is grown or produced!

Ethically sourced food at The Shed

At The Shed in Bath, all of our food is locally and ethically sourced wherever possible. As it doesn’t have to travel very far, it’s better for the environment as it uses less fuel for transport. Plus, food that can be from farm to fork in less time is also fresher – which means it tastes better. The Shed’s chefs also use seasonal ingredients, which means that hardly any ingredients have to be imported from countries where they are in season. It’s also nice for visitors to have a taste of the season, at the peak of its freshness.

Local meat, cheese, chutneys, cider and chocolate!

In every part of The Shed, from the farm shop and deli to the café and bistro, visitors enjoy exceptional quality homemade food whipped up by talented chefs using the best local ingredients. For example:

  • Our meat is free range and ethically produced by local suppliers, from lamb provided by Britton’s Farm Estate to free-range Duroc pigs from Melsham
  • The Farmshop sells locally made chocolates, fudge, chutneys and coffee
  • Our cider comes from sellers like the Handmade Cider Company, its owner being one of the original cider makers on the site
  • Our cheeses include local delicacies like Wyfe of Bath and Baronet

If you visit The Shed deli and bistro in Bath and you want to know where any ingredient comes from – just ask and one of our friendly team will be happy to tell you. Not every deli or restaurant could do the same!

Planning a children’s party in Bath? Let’s talk food!

What makes the perfect children’s party? Balloons and bouncy castles can be fantastic fun, but for many kids and their parents – it’s all about the food and drink.

So, if you’re looking for a venue for your child’s birthday, make sure you choose one with a great reputation for scrumptious food, kid-friendly menus and tailored birthday party packages. For kids’ parties in Bath, the venue that meets all these criteria has to be The Shed.

Menu options – from lighter bites to full-on feasts!

There are lots of different children’s party menus and options to choose from at The Shed in Bath, from the Big Shed Menu offering crudités, crisps, full meals from the children’s menu and mini cookies to the Potting Shed Menu – which offers a lighter selection of finger sandwiches, mini sausage rolls and mini flapjacks. Whatever your budget or however hungry the tummies, The Shed has an option to suit – and all food is lovingly prepared with locally-sourced ingredients (where possible).

Allergies and dietary requirements

With lots of children with different dietary requirements attending your party, you’ll need reassurance that all bases are covered. Let the expert chefs at The Shed know in advance about food allergies and dietary needs and we’ll do our very best to rustle up a menu to suit everyone.

The all-important birthday cake

You’ve picked your party menu, but don’t forget about the most important element of the day – the birthday cake. With enough notice, The Shed’s Master Baker Olly can whip up a personalised birthday cake to delight your little one – decorated to perfection and ready to surprise the birthday boy or girl.

If anyone has any room left, The Shed’s birthday party packages also offer individual ice cream bowls for each child (which they can add to with chunks of brownie, chocolate chips and fudge sauce), as well as party bags bursting with sweets, toys and other surprises. It really is birthday party heaven at The Shed!

‘Wrapped’ exhibition opens at the One Two Five Gallery in May

You may know The Shed Bath as the home of fabulous local food and drink, as well as boutiques packed with gorgeous handmade clothes, gifts and crafty bits – but did you know that the One Two Five Gallery at The Shed hosts an ever-changing roster of exciting exhibitions throughout the year?

This May, as part of the Select Spring Festival 2015, a brand new exhibition by Carole Waller and Gary Wood opens at the One Two Five Gallery.

The ‘Wrapped’ exhibition, running between 2nd and 24th May, features a stunning array of painted clothes, shawls and scarves made by hand by the incredibly talented Carole Waller. Carole specialises in painting directly onto silk, creating beautiful and completely unique painted clothing – known as ‘Art to Wear’ or ‘Wearable Art’.

Unique sculptural ceramics by Gary Wood

Alongside Carole Waller’s designs, visitors to the ‘Wrapped’ exhibition at The Shed this May will also be privileged to see some of the newest and most exciting pieces from Gary Wood, a specialist in completely unique and unusual sculptural ceramics.

About the Select Festival 2015

The ‘Wrapped’ exhibition at The Shed’s fantastic gallery space is a part of a month-long festival of talks, workshops, events and exhibitions. The Select Festival is a celebration of craft and skill in all of its shapes and forms, hosting leading artists along with new emerging talent. The festival takes place across numerous venues in and around Stroud in Gloucestershire, and the team at The Shed Bath, along with gallery curators Carole Waller and Gary Wood, are delighted to be involved in what is shaping up to be another hugely exciting year for the Select Festival.

‘Wrapped’ runs from 2nd – 24th May at The One Two Five Gallery at The Shed in Bath, while the Select Festival takes place between 2nd – 25th May in venues across Stroud, Bath and Gloucestershire.

Is 2015 the year you take up an exciting new craft?

Learning a new skill can be hugely enjoyable, and it’s all the better when you get something pretty to wear, use or gift at the end of it. This is why so many people take up crafts, from knitting and crocheting to making their own greeting cards and ‘upcycling’ old furniture for their homes.

If you’d like to make 2015 the year you learn a new craft and start making beautiful things for yourself or your loved ones, you might need a little help to get started.

Nestled in a creative corner of The Shed in Bath, you’ll find the Crafty Cupboard, a craft centre providing lessons, help and guidance for those wanting to start a new craft. Sessions are held for both children and adults, and it’s the perfect atmosphere to learn how to sew, draw, knit or simply sample a new craft. You can pick up new skills and indulge your creativity in a fun and supportive atmosphere, and it’s also a great day out for families with children. You can take your new skills home and try them out on a rainy weekend day when the kids are bored.

Supplies and inspiration at The Shed

As well as having the support of both expert and novice crafters in The Crafty Cupboard, enthusiastic new crafters can also take advantage of some of the other shops in The Shed. For example, the craft centre previously collaborated with Blooms the Florist for a fragrant and floral bouquet-making session. However, there’s also tonnes of exceptional quality supplies available at Yarn Story, which sells luxurious hand-dyed yarns, knitting and crochet accessories, and painting supplies and workshops available at The Paint Box.

Need inspiration? Pop your head in at The Pigeon Hole, Spotty Herbert’s or any of the other unique and charming boutiques in The Shed to get some ideas and perhaps even to pick up a gift or two.

With the right supplies and guidance, anyone can learn to craft – so let’s give it a try this year!

Stuck for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Treat her to a delicious lunch instead

Not everyone is good at tracking down the perfect presents for their loved ones. Some people are just difficult to buy for, as they already have all the ‘stuff’ they could ever want or need. It’s also tricky on an occasion like Mother’s Day, when you want to show your mum just how special and appreciated she is, to find a gift that really represents how you feel.

To save yourself the stress this Sunday, here’s an idea – this Mother’s Day, why not treat your mum to your time instead of scouring the shops for an overpriced box of chocolates or yet another bubble bath set? Rather than buying her something that she doesn’t really need, you can spoil her with a day out, an experience enjoyed together to create lots of happy memories. These will be cherished a lot longer than any other Mother’s Day gift could.

Planning your day out – Mother’s Day at The Shed

A perfect plan for Mother’s Day this Sunday is to whisk your lovely mum out to lunch, where you can gossip and catch up over a glass or two of wine and share delicious food.

At The Shed in Bath, our Mother’s Day lunch menu is better than ever – with seasonal, locally sourced produce and only the freshest ingredients. It’s just that little bit special, with goodies such as tuna tartare, roast spring lamb and chicken liver parfait with homemade chutney all on the menu. These tasty savouries aside, we know it’s all about dessert when treating your mum on her special day, and she definitely won’t be disappointed with the chocolate torte with caramel popcorn, the Baileys white chocolate brioche and butter pudding and the strawberry roulade on the menu.

After lunch, you can also indulge in a spot of retail therapy at The Shed’s selection of charming shops and boutiques, where you can buy everything from flowers to quirky homeware and craft gifts. It’s the perfect day out – one that your mum will appreciate all the more because she gets to spend quality time with you.


Our 5 favourite flowers of the season

Like with fruit and vegetables, it’s often best to buy flowers when they’re in season in the UK.

You can buy blooms that have been imported from warmer shores, but many people agree that local, seasonal flowers can be the most beautiful and appropriate for the time of year. It’s also good to support local flower growers, and it’s better for the environment if flowers don’t have to travel too far before they reach you.

Here are our 5 favourite seasonal blooms to look out for:

1. Red roses. These richly coloured flowers are abundant in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. They may be a clichéd gift, but a rich, romantic red rose bouquet will always delight as a gift to someone special. Red roses can also create a very dramatic look against a white dress at a wedding.

2. Lilies. They may spill pollen all over your windowsill, causing havoc for allergy sufferers, but nothing beats a majestic lily when it comes to dramatic petals, elegant shape and beautiful colours. The lily is a very romantic flower, making it perfect for everything from weddings to Valentine’s Day.

3. Snowdrops. A delicate but very charming flower, snowdrops are often used as part of wedding and gift bouquets. They complement other flowers well and are generally a beautiful representative of the frosty season.

4. Winter iris. A perennial flower blooming between December and March, the most distinctive characteristic of the Iris unguicularis is its vivid blue/purple colour. It too makes a striking contrast against white at weddings, but it also has enough of a suggestion of spring to make it ideal for Mother’s Day bouquets.

5. Delphinium. A more unusual choice for gift bouquets because of its tall, thin shape and closely-packed flowers, this perennial plant is still incredibly beautiful. With vivid colours and a dramatic silhouette, the delphinium can be used to create interesting shape and texture in a bouquet.

If you’re looking for flowers for a late winter/early spring wedding, take a look at the seasonal selection at Blooms the Florist at The Shed in Bath. These floral experts can also provide bouquets for Mother’s Day, as well as flowers for that special someone.

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